Meagan Ashley (meaganashley) wrote,
Meagan Ashley

lots of updates!

-giggles- I love that kermit pic. Too cute.

Anyways... I thought I'd give all of y'all (who still care) a heads-up.
Lots of updates on my MySpace.

here's a link
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You've posted the link before, so I'm kind of failing to see why, other than to ensure your certain Arizonan ex sees your certain blog on myspace, you deemed it necessary to make this post at all. I'm sure you might have your other LJ friends that you genuinely wanted to make sure stay a part of your life, but from my end of things, I'm sure you can see how this seems like such a stab at said ex.

Regardless, it's the myspace blog I'm upset about. Is it really necessary to talk trash about him? I'm not going to pretend I know everything that went on, but I do know that it takes two to tango and you seem to be projecting the idea that he was all by himself out there on the dance floor. It bothers me, a lot, when people victimize themselves for no reason. It wasn't a good relationship and it certainly didn't end well, I can concede to that, but the only time I've heard him have anything bad to say about you is in regards to you talking trash on him.

A simple request: leave him alone, learn to move on, and learn to take at least some responsibility for your actions. Again, I remind you, it takes two to tango.

'or the guy is a total loser and I have to break it off'

Here, I feel compelled to point out an excerpt from your myspace blog. This is, hence the title of my comment, what I find completely unnecessary. Since I know that your ex never cheated on you, I find it blaringly obvious, like anyone who knew any details of the relationship, that this is a direct stab at him. And I find it isn't a wild accusation to assume that you wanted him to see this insult.

I respect that you've tried to move on. You gave up IRT and TOB so you wouldn't have to talk to him any more. While I do come from a school of thought that it's never healthy to completely break things off from a person and call that a resolution or closure, I understand where you were coming from in doing this. I'm not criticizing you for the paths you've chosen to take in life. I really thought the two of you had put everything behind you, but now I'm being forced to rethink that and rethink my judgement of you.

It's very petty to attack or insult someone at all because you went through a hard time with them - an emotionally trying time for the both of you, I might add. Attacking someone in a blog is just a cry out to the internet in general that you want to start trouble. I don't want to start trouble, I just want to point out how very harsh it is to call someone a total loser, especially when you use that insult to talk yourself up and make yourself seem like a total winner.

You're not a total winner. You're not some badass heartbreaker that goes through men like tissues and has no problem kicking the 'total losers' to the curb. As I seem to recall, this Arizonan ex of yours tried to break things off with you a few times and you were completely crushed by it. So crushed, in fact, that he couldn't bare to hurt someone that bad. So how is it that the fact that he was caring and sensitive and tried hard to make you happy makes him a loser?

I'm sorry things didn't work out between the two of you, because your ex is a good man and I would have liked to see the two of you happy as a couple. I'm not trying to say you sabotaged the relationship because it takes two to succeed and it takes two to fail in love. (I know, I keep coming back to that theme, but it's important to the point of this rambling comment.) The one thing I can say is that you've sabotaged any chances you might have had of keeping him as a friend, and I feel sorry for you because you've missed out on one hell of a friend. (And, by completely alienating him, you've lost more than just one friend in the mix.)